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30 days of fitness

Improve your health and wellbeing in 30 days,
while helping others at the same time – all
our profits are donated to On the Line.

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Holistic health

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Food, fitness, meditation & more

Our program focuses on total health
by kick-starting your diet, fitness and
overall outlook.

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Track your mood

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and watch it soar

Spring Fitness allows you to track
your mood throughout the program to
offer feedback on your improvement.

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All it takes…

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$30, 30 minutes, 30 days

Our program is cost-effective and
quick. In 30 days, you'll notice a real
change in your health, fitness and mood.

A company with a cause

Join Spring Fitness online for your healthiest summer yet. For just $30 you’ll be able to move more and eat well. It’s designed for busy people, just like you. You’ll receive daily exercise plans and healthy recipes for every meal for the month of September. Take part as much or as little as you like.

It’s quicker than going to the gym, easier than training on your own, tastier than your average diet plan, cheaper than a double pass to the movies and, best of all, it’s for a good cause.

Spring donates the profits from your sign-up to On the Line, to help them provide counselling to Australians in need anywhere, anytime.

How Spring will change your wellbeing

Of respondents reported feeling better, both mentally and physically, after following the Spring program for 30 days.

The average improvement in mood after each daily training session.

Of Spring participants rated their experience as fantastic.

As well as…

  • Measureable decreases in symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Weight loss, reduced resting heart rate, improved endurance, speed, strength and flexibility.
  • Helping to fund telephone, online and video counseling services available to all Australians.

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About us

Our Company

In the beginning, Spring was a little idea. If exercise is great for people with depression, why not get people exercising regularly and tracking their mood, to prove that it works?

In 2010, that’s exactly what we did, for a group of 60 friends and colleagues. And they loved it. They raved about the simplicity of the program, the fitness they gained and the way that it made them feel.

So the little idea grew. Since then thousands have participated, entire companies have joined the challenge and tens of thousands has been donated to mental health charities.

Our Team

Gretchen Masters

Gretchen Masters

Founder & Head Trainer
Gretchen is a BPhEd, Cert IV Personal Trainer working in fitness since 2003. She loves it when people learn to enjoy exercise, rather than dreading it.
Zoe Wilson

Zoe Wilson

Zoe is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, BSc, Cert IV Personal Trainer with a passion for making healthy eating easy and delicious.
Victoria Kasunic

Victoria Kasunic

Victoria is a registered psychologist who specialises in happiness. She works with private clients and consults to print media and television
James Masters

James Masters

Running Coach
James has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. He works with clients of all abilities and ages and enjoys challenging their strength and fitness.

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